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Computer monitor with DNA research


Research laboratories in iGEM are pursuing a Pattern-Process-Prediction-Product (P4) paradigm. We conduct fundamental research to first discover biological patterns and to elucidate processes that have generated these patterns over evolutionary time. Our mission is to harness the knowledge of these patterns and processes in making predictions about genomes, diseases, and biodiversity. Ultimately, we develop new tools and resources that enable scientists to accelerate biological discovery and predictions.

iGEM researchers are pursuing a variety of interdisciplinary research and discovery projects, including:

Our personal genomes differ from each other and many of these differences are known to predispose us to diseases and to modulate our response to drugs and medical treatments. iGEM researchers are discovering the relationship of natural selection with genetic diseases and developing new methods and tools to identify harmful personal differences (mutations).

Pathogens are constantly evolving to avoid drugs and medicine and to invade new hosts and geographic areas. iGEM researchers are investigating the when, how, and why of pathogen evolution by taking comparative genomics approaches and developing new analytical frameworks for predictive modelling.

Genome sequencing advances have revolutionized our ability to understand the diversity of life. The tree of life scaled to time (the "TimeTree") is the primary component of this diversity and underlies much of the evolutionary medicine research. iGEM researchers are conducting genome scale data acquisitions and analyses to build the Timetree of Life and developing state-of-the-art methods and tools to facilitate big data inferences in this field.