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PopGen Software

Download PopGen Software:

The Hey Lab distributes several software programs for population genetic analysis. These programs have been developed over the years to suit the needs of research in the lab as well as to satify the needs of others. All programs are written in C and the source code is available. The programs should compile under different compilers. A Win32 executable version (.exe file) is also available for each program. Note that these programs have interconnections. SITES will generate input lines for the HKA and WH programs. The FPG program, in addition to its primary function, generates simulated data sets that can be read by SITES.

The programs can be freely distributed so long as no fee is charged for them and include the following:

  • IMa2 updated 8/27/2012
  • IMfig
  • IM and IMa- Updated 12/17/09 - programs for fitting the Isolation w/ Migration model using a Markov chain Monte Carlo method
  • SITES - a program for the population genetic analysis of DNA sequence data
  • HKA (linux-ready source code available 7/9/2010) - a program for conducting the HKA test of natural selection
  • WH - a program for fitting a speciation model to DNA sequence data sets
  • FPG - a Forward Population Genetic simulation program