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Two of the characteristics that Temple University prides itself on are its diversity and its commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

The Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine (iGEM) at Temple is no stranger to these very characteristics. Together in our laboratories and computational environments, our diverse group of faculty and student researchers are performing research in a wide array of existing and emergent fields such as phylomedicine, genomics, disease evolution, cancer evolution, population genetics and a great many more.

Among these researchers are several leading figures in their respective fields. These individuals devote themselves to performing innovative research and seek to identify and publish new ideas and methodologies for others in their respective fields. It is their dedication to this goal that has led to iGEM’s ability to say that, together, our core faculty members boast an impressive 430,000+ citations. This number shows not only their dedication to their fields, but also the quality of their research.

Beyond even this, our faculty record of excellence can be seen in the number of awards and honorifics our researchers hold. Among them you can find members of the National Academy of the Sciences, Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, multiple recipients of the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers Award, Officers and members of field specific academic societies, and Editors of a variety of peer-review journals.

Award and honorific recipients can be found among our student researchers as well. Among our undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and postdocs are individuals with already impressive publication and citation records, students with practical, real world lab experience in emerging and in demand fields, and recipients of numerous scholarships and awards, both internal and external to the university.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the realm of research. iGEM Faculty and staff are actively engaged in a variety of campus service initiatives ranging from the development of new courses and educational programs, to teaching students new and developing subjects, to the introduction of new initiatives that benefit Temple and the broader community.