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B.S. in Genomic Medicine

Temple's Bachelor of Science in Genomic Medicine undergraduate degree program prepares students for research, medical, and professional careers in genomic medicine. Students will develop a deep understanding of the role of the genomes of humans and pathogens in the development, prevention, and treatment of disease. Scientific innovations and technologies are now allowing us to collect genetic information at unprecedented size and scale. At the center of this advancement is the study of the genome. Data from thousands—and soon to be millions—of genomes reveals the root causes of our genetic and infectious diseases. Due to the growing clinical emphasis on genomic medicine in medical colleges, students in the Genomic Medicine degree program will acquire a valuable basis for understanding and working with modern biological data. Graduates also gain a foundation in the life sciences that emphasizes the medical relevance of genomics, evolution, and informatics. This degree program was developed by Sudhir Kumar PhD, Glenn Gerhard MD and colleagues in iGEM, the Department of Biology and the School of Medicine, with the first cohort enrolling in the Fall of 2020.


Sudhir Kumar with students of the Genomic Medicine program
Some students enrolled in the Genomic Medicine program (Fall, 2021).