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FlyExpress iPhone App

Mobile technologies provide unique opportunities for ubiquitous distribution of scientific information through user-friendly interfaces. Thus, we developed a FlyExpress mobile application that makes available a growing collection of over 100,000 standardized in situ hybridization images representing gene expression in developing Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) embryo. Using this application, scientists can visualize and compare expression patterns of >4500 developmentally relevant expressed genes.

The FlyExpress app displays time-course expression of the gene or genomic element of interest, sorting images according to data source, stage range, and anatomical orientation (e.g. lateral, dorsal, ventral). It provides Drosophila biologists with the immediate capability to browse time-course expression, as well as rapidly conduct a search for co-expressed genes.

To download the app, search "FlyExpress" on the Apple app store.