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undergraduate certificate in genome medicine

Genomic Medicine is an interdisciplinary program that uses the current rapid advancement in genomics and computational biology to approach human disease with an evolutionary perspective. The Certificate is designed for undergraduate students interested in medicine, science, technology, or public health and can be added to existing majors. This certificate is available to all undergraduate degree students to complete as part of their studies, regardless of their majors. It is also available to professional non-degree-seeking students.

Completion of a certificate in Genome Medicine may help students to identify a focus for continued study in related fields, and will be valuable to students and professionals with expertise in one or more aspects of evolutionary genomic medicine to communicate and collaborate more effectively with other researchers and practitioners.

Genome Medicine Certificate requirements are as follows:

  1. Two core classes:
    1. BIOL 3111 (Genomics in Medicine, 3 CR)
      • Currently offered in the fall only.
    2. BIOL 3112 (Genomic Evolutionary Medicine, 3 CR)
      • Currently offered in the spring only.
  2. Two elective courses: (total 6 to 8 CR)
    1. Choose from the approved Genome Medicine electives list in Temple Undergraduate Bulletin
    2. Note for CST majors: At least two of the courses taken to complete the certificate MUST be distinct from those used to meet requirements for your major or minor. In other words, of the four courses needed for the certificate (Biol 3111, Biol 3112 and 2 electives), at least two of these courses must be different from the courses used for your major or minor.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor to declare the intent to earn the Genome Medicine Certificate. We strongly recommend you do this at least one year in advance of your planned graduation. Many of the courses for this certificate require pre-requisite courses, which you will need to be completed in advance. Meeting with an advisor early will help you plan accordingly.

Please note: At least one half of the courses required for the certificate must be completed at Temple University.

Genome Certificate PDF