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  • Laura Scheinfeldt
  • Associate Professor (Research)
  • Assistant Director, iGEM
  • Department of Biology
Laura Scheinfeldt

There are two components to my work at iGEM, administrative and research.

My administrative work includes the development and oversight of educational programs such as the Genome Medicine Certificate, iGEM web resources, iGEM computational resources, and iGEM grant programs.

My research interests are focused on the ways in which human evolutionary history has shaped patterns of genetic, genomic and phenotypic variation across contemporary human populations. Currently, I am investigating the impact of genome-phenotype association study design on the generalizability of results across human populations. More specifically, my work examines the degree to which assumptions of linkage disequilibrium decay impact the selection of variants for commercially available single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays, SNP imputation, and clinical translation of genomic research results.