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News: events

February 14 2019

Seminar: Dr. Raquel Assis, "Evolution via large-scale mutations" on 02/18/2019 at 3PM in Bio-Life Bldg 234

October 31 2018

Seminar: Niema Moshiri, "Massively scalable tools for the analysis of viral epidemics" on 10/2/2018 at 12pm in SERC 604

June 6 2018

Seminar: Julia Shore, "Closed Codon Models: Just a Hopeless Dream?" on 7/16/18 at 12pm in SERC 604

May 17 2018

Seminar: Sadie Wisotsky "Explorations of Site to Site Synonymous Substitution Rate Variability" on 5/18/18 in SERC 604 at 12pm

February 21 2018

Seminar: Dr. Ryan Gutenkunst "Mutation Fitness Effects Across Populations and Proteins" on 3/1/18 in SERC 604 at 12pm

March 3 2017

Seminar: Dr. Alex Platt "Estimating the Age of Singletons and Other Rare Variants" in SERC 604 @ 12pm on 3/8/17