Workshop for teachers

An Art and Science Based Genomic Medicine Workshop for teachers

Workshop Hours:

From 9am - 4pm
Saturday, October 7th 2023
SERC Building, Temple University,
6th floor, Room 601


Introductory Activities:

Coffee and name tags: 9am, Lobby, 6th floor
Introduction to genomics: 10am, Room 601
Introduction to the BS program at Temple: 10:30am
The Undergraduate research experience - student speakers: 10:30 - 11:00am

Science Art Genomic Activities from 11:00am - 4:00pm

What is DNA? The Multiple Faceted life of the DNA Molecule

An interactive drawing- discussion on DNA shape, form, and function and a genomic medicine perspective on DNA. Highlights include deconstructing Photo 51.

The Complex life of a Mendelian disease: Cystic Fibrosis: A genomic medicine perspective

Demonstration drawing activity: Drawing Wild Type CFTR channel vs Cystic fibrosis CFTR channel "visualized" draw-along.

Looking in the Mirror: Unique faces and unique diseases, the Face Lab revisited

Important chromosomes and genes in facial development and mutations that cause abnormal facial development and disease. How to interpret visual data into a visual reconstruction for students.

Lunch at 12pm

Profile of a Disease: Genomic and epigenomic profile of thyroid cancer

Introduction to clonal evolution in cancer with a focus on depicting metastasis in liver cancer and an activity on thyroid cancer. Activity includes a Paper Practice Surgery of a Thyroidectomy

Introduction to MEGA and MEGAMD: Interactive Software Packages for Genomic Medicine

An introduction and discovery-based lab experience with sophisticated methods and tools for phylogenomics and phylomedicine. Both software packages are free and can be downloaded easily for use in biology and computer science classrooms (speaker to be announced).

Storytelling the Microbiome

A graphic novel approach to teaching the complex story of the microbiome Activity: Teachers storyboard a genomic concept of their own interest or a molecular/cellular genetic disease using storyboarding templates and table top drawing paper.

Participants leave with certificate and coloring poster for class

Note: Paper, crayons, and storyboard templates will be provided.