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undergraduate mentoring

We are accepting undergraduate students interested in conducting research in our iGEM laboratories. Students will have the opportunity to be members of teams conducting fundamental research to discover new biological patterns and processes. They are developing tools, software, databases, and techniques aimed at applying our knowledge to improve the human condition. The applicants must have an innate interest in learning about evolutionary genomics, phylomedicine, tree of life, molecular epidemiology, bioinformatics, computational biology, biodiversity and phylomedicine medicine.

Interested students are advised to directly contact the iGEM faculty of interest. Please send your resume and a brief statement of research experience (if any) in a PDF file to the faculty member. Remember to include information on your computational and/or laboratory proficiency in your resume. We are particularly interested in outstanding 1st and 2nd year students with a passion to excel in their field of interest, including (but not limited to) biology, informatics, mathematics, medicine, engineering, and technology. Special opportunities exist for students of the following programs: Honor’s Program, MARC-U*STAR program, and other Temple university initiatives for undergraduate research enhancement.

We also accept students with high skill level who wish to assist in computational development or laboratory research as hourly workers or as work-study students. Please write to the iGEM faculty of interest to you.