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April 13 2017

TimeTree in the press! View the article at

April 13 2017

TimeTree in the press! View the Eureka Alert at

March 3 2017

Seminar: Dr. Alex Platt "Estimating the Age of Singletons and Other Rare Variants" in SERC 604 @ 12pm on 3/8/17

March 1 2017

Seminar: Dr. Yun Song "Probablisitic Modeling and Inference of the Translation Dynamics using Ribosome Data" SERC604@12pm 3/1/17

February 17 2017

Seminar: Dr. Melinda Yang "Genomic Insights from a 40k year old Individual from Asia" on 2/22/17 in SERC 604 at 12pm

February 13 2017

Symposium: Genomics, Evolution, and Disease Symposium at Temple School of Medicine, 4th Floor auditorium on 3/3/17 from 12-6pm.

February 8 2017

Reminder: Seminar w/ Dr. Fernando Racimo on Detecting Polygenic Adaptation in an Admixture Graph today at 12 in SERC 604

November 17 2016

BIO 3380 Contemporary Bio: Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data taught by Dr. Schraiber in Spring 2017. CRN: 31229.

November 17 2016

BIO 3380 Contemporary Biology: Genome and Evolutionary Analytics to be taught by Dr. Pond in Spring 2017. CRN 29111

September 26 2016

Seminar: Fernando Villanea "Testing Limitations of Ancient DNA Sampling in a Bayesian Coalescent Analysis" 9/29 @ noon SERC 604

August 24 2016

Seminar: Dr. Michael Landis "Phylogenetic Inference of Where the Wild Things Were" on Wed 8/31 @ noon. SERC 604.

August 15 2016

Dr. Sarah Kocher will visit Temple on Nov. 16 and will be giving a CCCG/iGEM sponsored lecture at noon in SERC 604. Topic TBA.

August 1 2016

Dr. Stephanie Spielman joins iGEM as part of the Pond Lab!

August 1 2016

Dr. Joshua Schraiber joins iGEM!

August 1 2016

Kumarlab launches MEGA Version 7 for public download at