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February 21 2018

Seminar: Dr. Ryan Gutenkunst "Mutation Fitness Effects Across Populations and Proteins" on 3/1/18 in SERC 604 at 12pm

November 29 2017

Dr. Nei wins John Scott Award.

June 5 2017

Kari Strouse receives Frances Velay Fellowship.

April 13 2017

TimeTree in the press! View the article at

April 13 2017

TimeTree in the press! View the Eureka Alert at

March 3 2017

Seminar: Dr. Alex Platt "Estimating the Age of Singletons and Other Rare Variants" in SERC 604 @ 12pm on 3/8/17

March 1 2017

Seminar: Dr. Yun Song "Probablisitic Modeling and Inference of the Translation Dynamics using Ribosome Data" SERC604@12pm 3/1/17

February 17 2017

Seminar: Dr. Melinda Yang "Genomic Insights from a 40k year old Individual from Asia" on 2/22/17 in SERC 604 at 12pm

February 13 2017

Symposium: Genomics, Evolution, and Disease Symposium at Temple School of Medicine, 4th Floor auditorium on 3/3/17 from 12-6pm.

February 8 2017

Reminder: Seminar w/ Dr. Fernando Racimo on Detecting Polygenic Adaptation in an Admixture Graph today at 12 in SERC 604

November 17 2016

BIO 3380 Contemporary Bio: Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data taught by Dr. Schraiber in Spring 2017. CRN: 31229.

November 17 2016

BIO 3380 Contemporary Biology: Genome and Evolutionary Analytics to be taught by Dr. Pond in Spring 2017. CRN 29111

September 26 2016

Seminar: Fernando Villanea "Testing Limitations of Ancient DNA Sampling in a Bayesian Coalescent Analysis" 9/29 @ noon SERC 604

August 24 2016

Seminar: Dr. Michael Landis "Phylogenetic Inference of Where the Wild Things Were" on Wed 8/31 @ noon. SERC 604.

August 15 2016

Dr. Sarah Kocher will visit Temple on Nov. 16 and will be giving a CCCG/iGEM sponsored lecture at noon in SERC 604. Topic TBA.